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AI Optimised CX 
Management Solutions

Be Customer Smart helps companies prioritize and re-align their resources by quantifying the impact of each operational KPI (Key Performance Indicator) on the business’s financial performance and customer loyalty.​ Our proprietary AI Optimised CX Management Solution quickly tells you:

Touchpoints and KPIs that drive the (dis-)satisfaction:

KPI impact.png

Touchpoints and KPIs' impact on the NPS (Net promotional Score) and revenue:

Revenue impact per KPI 2.png

Ideal target values for each KPI:

Optimal KPI values.png

Customers who are at risk of leaving because of the service level they've received:

Customers at risk.png

​​​Our AI model does this by taking as inputs your pseudonymised data such as:

With the help of our AI Optimised CX Management Solution, companies can focus on anticipatory and proactive service delivery instead of reactive service recovery.

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