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Intelligent VCSA

Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent

Be Customer Smart and Yada, a leading company in AI-based customer assistants for holiday rentals and hotels, present a new innovative automated way for hospitality companies to interact with and assist their customers  - a text-based Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent.

The Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent helps:

  • Find general information – For example: 'From which pier does the ship depart tomorrow in Barcelona?'

  • Find information specific to their cruise – For example: 'Which excursions are already included in my booking?'

  • Modify customers' own details and have add-ons – For example: 'I would like to book a facial tomorrow at 6 PM.'

  • Receive information and offers  – For example: 'We look forward to welcoming you onboard the MSC Grandiosa tomorrow and would like to offer you a drinks package with a special discount of 20% if you book it today. Please reply ‘Yes’ and we add it to your booking.'

The benefits of having the Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent would include:

  • Better customer experience

  • Attractive to digital savvy customers

  • Cost savings as a result of fewer contacts to call centres and to personnel

  • Cost savings as a result of automatic handling of actions in the back office

  • Upselling

  • Insights on customer needs and preferences

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