AI Optimised Customer Experience Management Solutions

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Using our in-house developed machine learning algorithms, you will know:

1. Which touchpoint has the biggest impact on satisfaction

Do you want to prioritise your CX, so it has the highest impact in your customer satisfaction?


Our AI solution tells you where you are doing already well and where you can still improve.

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2. What the financial impact of each touchpoint is

To help with your business case, we can tell how much each touchpoint is impacting your revenue, so you can compare it with your costs of providing the service.

3. What the ideal target level for each KPI would be

Customer satisfaction often does not increase along a straight line as a KPI improves, and usually beyond a certain point there is no impact on the satisfaction.


Our AI solution tells what the culmination points are and what the NPS and revenue impact at each KPI value are.

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4. Which customers are at risk of leaving

Our AI solution can alert you of which of your customers are at risk of leaving, due to the level of service they have received. So, you can contact them in time to save them from lapsing. The solution can show what the issues are and what recommend most effective remedies can apply.