Consulting Services

To ensure your organisation gets the most of our AI-solutions we offer various consulting packages. We have seasoned industry veterans in-house, who have lead CX-teams in leading companies. To complement their skills we have a pool of partner companies, who have top professionals, whom we use in our projects to ensure that you are served with the best experts.

CX Data Assessment

Often as a first step for an engagement, we analyse what data is available for the touchpoints. We look how they can be used to understand the experience as the customers perceive it and we create, from internal often silo-specific KPIs, metrics that can be compared with customers’ expected outcomes for each journey phase. As outputs you get actionable metrics that you can use today and recommendations what additional internal and external data you can add to get fuller picture of the experience you provide, broken into quick wins and more longer-term development items.

Customer Journeys

Customer journeys are important inputs to our modelling, but our models generated from the data also give guidance how to update the journeys better to match your customers’ views. Our consulting team is complemented with partner consulting companies, who have done journey designs extensively in our focus industries. As a result, you have a set of customer journeys that align your organisation with your customers.

Implement Experience Improvements

Our AI-solutions can tell where experience can best be enhanced, but we can also help you to implement those improvements. Our consultants can with your team identify what changes need to be done to the process or to the target setting, so the improvements become the reality that your customers see every day. Our experienced consultants can help to design and implement the changes across your organisation together with your team.

CX Governance and Metrics

To make the improvements permanent and consistent requires systematic governance coupled with relevant metrics. We can guide you on how best to ensure that you progressing to the right direction and how to make sure that all the parts of the organisation are aligned in enhancing the experience. From our models we can advise you what are the most you to follow and predict customer satisfaction and future purchases and help to create relevant targets to each team.

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