Customer Growth and Retention

Grow or retain your customer base in an optimal way.


Whatever your top business goal is, whether it is to grow by acquiring new customers, or by retaining existing ones, or by growing your margins, or by creating new up-selling opportunities, we can help you with customer analytics. Using the latest Big Data analytics and machine learning methods we support your growth and retention activities by identifying which customers to target, what is most important for them, how to approach them, with what message and when.

Many analytics projects fail, usually not due to lacking analytical skills, but because of missing communication and understanding between the business side and analytics. This leads to misunderstanding of what is the final business problem to be solved, what are the practical restrictions, and what is the best way in which the analytical model should be applied. Because of this we put a great emphasis on the correct communication between the parties and bring in our expertise in both business and analytics. Using this approach we design a practical framework for customer growth or retention and build predictive models to engage 1-to-1 in a smart way with the customers, always respecting your business realities.

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