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Data Inputs

We work with our clients to identify what data they have and how it can be used without compromising their customers’ privacy and within legal and company limitations.


Types of date we work with include:



(relationship and transaction surveys that can be linked to pseudonymised customers)

Relationship surveys most common for insurance companies, banking

Examples of relationship surveys: satisfaction survey

Transaction Surveys common to all industries including hotels & travel, online retail, banking, insurance companies

Examples of transaction surveys: post stay survey (hotels), service rating survey

Check out a Reference Case - A Multinational Bank


KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)

(internal data points that track the operations)


Examples of KPIs: waiting time, upgrades, customer requests, decision time, resolution of a problem, product availability, delivery accuracy, missing products, range and choice of products etc.​

Check out a Reference Case - A Luxury Business Hotel


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

(customer demographics and history data)


Examples of customer demographics: age, gender, country of origin, how many insurances, length of time with a company


Examples of history data: frequency of stays (hotels), any issues or problems, past upgrades



(purchase and interaction history)


Examples of transactions: times and frequency of dealing with a customer, number and frequency of purchases, amount of purchased goods​

Check out a Reference Case - A Leading Retail Group

third part data.png

3rd party data

(social media, and other data such as socio demographics that enriches customer profile)

Examples of 3rd party data: postcodes, income, social status, family size, marital status etc

Check out a Reference Case - A Media Group

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