Solutions for Energy Retailers

Data Analytics as a Service and Consulting Packages

1. Know your customers

What your customers value?

Which campaigns work best for whom?

What is typical for churners?

How long they are likely to stay?

Which customers are most valuable?

2. Predict churners

We can tell which customers are more likely to switch providers and which are likely to stay

You can contact potential churners with an offer in time

You can focus your retention activities more accurately and save costs

3. Retain leavers

We can recommend what is:

• most relevant campaign for each of them

• optimal discount level

• best contact channel

• right time to contact them

Customers are more likely to react when campaigns are relevant for them

4. Up/cross sell

Optimise customer life-time value by suggesting them relevant new products:

• green tariffs

• solar panels

• broadband …


Identify customers most likely to be interested in each product.

5. Acquire Customers

Know who you want to attract for highest long-term value

Identify new customers who would be interested in your offering

Improve customer acquisition with better targeting

6. Boost conversion

It is expensive to attract new customers to visit your site only to lose them due to unnecessarily  complex sign-up process.


We help to identify and to remove blocks from the customer journey to improve conversion.

7. Improve Experience & Efficiency

Be effortless to deal with


It is also much cheaper and more efficient to do things right the first time.

That is why we help energy companies to identify key customer pain points and to remove them.

8. Be Customer Centric

We coach organisations  in:

1.Creating optimal customer experience strategy

2.Setting up a governance structure with relevant KPIs and measures

3.Helping to transform the organisation and its culture to be customer centric

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