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Focus on what matters

In addition to the highly unpredictable business & regulatory environment and contingency plans that hotels currently operate in, they are also faced with unprecedented staff shortages. In order to remain profitable, hotels must be very strategic in how and where they spend their scares resources. 

We help hotels prioritize and re-align their scarce resources by quantifying the impact of each operational KPI on the business’s financial performance and customer loyalty, allowing them to focus on improvements and innovations that will yield the best results

Quantify Impact of KPIs

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Identify Customers at Risk

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Proactive Service Delivery

Why wait till a customer experiences a defect and complains to solve it? Wouldn’t you like to work more proactively and know about an issue before it becomes a customer problem?

Our proprietary AI solution predicts and alerts you of future problems and customers at risk of switching hotels, allowing you to proactively solve these issues before they become a negative customer experience. Using our AI solution, hotels can focus on anticipatory and proactive service delivery instead of reactive service recovery - saving on costs, time, and human capital.