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Unpredictability of the business and regulatory environment as well as staff shortages are some of the biggest challenges that hotels and hospitality face. To remain profitable, hospitality businesses must be very strategic in how and where they allocate their financial and human resources. 

Our proprietary AI solution paired with human touch of our consulting helps to prioritize and re-align business' resources by quantifying the impact of each operational KPI (Key Performance Indicator) on the financial performance and customer loyalty, allowing hotels and hospitality businesses to focus on improvements and innovations that will yield the best results.

Using our AI solution, we analyse the data available and identify the areas in the customer journey that cause problems or are in need of improvement. Then, during a workshop session together with the client we discuss possible solutions to the dilemmas identified. In the below example, the problematic areas and their impact on a hotel's revenue are marked in red.

Hotel KPI impact.png

In addition to identifying already existing problems and challenging areas, Be Customer Smart can also help hotels and hospitality businesses be more proactive by detecting an issue before it becomes a problem.

Our proprietary AI solution predicts and alerts of future problems and customers who are at risk of leaving, allowing to proactively solve these issues before they become a negative customer experience. With our help, hotels and hospitality businesses can focus on anticipatory and proactive service delivery. An example below shows hotel customers at risk of leaving, and an identified reason for that:

Hotels customers at risk.png

As a result of the proprietary AI solution insights aided by our support consulting a hotel or a hospitality related business can achieve a 33% increase in their retention rates which in turn leads to increase of the business' revenue.

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