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Large Cruise Line

Reference Case: A Large Cruise Line

Identifying what drives customer satisfaction and usage of the voicebot channel 


Credits: talking image - Runwayml; image - Dalle3; Image prompt - Seraphima Bogomolova; text by Seraphima Bogomolova 

Our Solution

Analysis to understand the most important improvement areas using machine learning.

Using the voicebot log files and usage data, Be Customer Smart created a model that identified:​

  1. The most relevant way to measure voicebot experience from the guest point of view​

  2. The factors that influence the most the voicebot satisfaction and reuse, and how much​

  3. The voicebot experience factors that influence the overall cruise satisfaction (NPS) the most


  1. The cruise line was really happy with the results and is using the findings in prioritising the voicebot improvements.​

  2. The company has also asked Be Customer Smart to analyse more areas of the cruise experience.

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