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Luxury Business Hotel

Reference Case: Luxury Business Hotel

Turning more of the first-time visitors into returning guests​

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A 5-star hotel frequented by business leaders in an European city had a problem that only 3 out 10 first-time guests returned a second time.​

The hotel wanted to find out what can be done in order to improve their guest retention. 


Prioritisation of reasons why guests did not return and transformation plan​

  • Using the hotel’s operational data our AI algorithms were able to pin-point the top service-related reasons for guest not returning, and their financial impact​

  • Utilizing this information in a follow-up workshop, we identified the root causes and created a transformation plan


  1. After the improvements had been introduced, the retention rate improved by 33% (4 out of 10 customers returned)​

  2. Based on solid facts, the hotel was able to allocate available resources efficiently

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