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Luxury Resort Hotel

Reference Case: Luxury Resort Hotel

Enhancing arrival experience

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A Middle Eastern luxury resort hotel has identified the guest arrival journey as the key focus area for service improvement to drive up satisfaction​.

The hotel, however, was not able to prioritise the improvements as the customer feedback was scarce and vague.

Our Solution

Quantification of what impacted satisfaction and fixing the root causes​

  • Our AI algorithm calculated the impact of each aspect of the arrival experience for each type of guest on both the arrival experience and overall satisfaction​

  • Once the key issues were identified, we worked with the hotel’s team to identify what were the root causes behind the issues and found together solutions for them​

  • We provided periodic progress updates on the improvements so the hotel could see the impact


  1. The hotel has been able to see significant improvement in the arrival experience (+5 NPS) and in overall satisfaction (+2 NPS).​

  2. Now, they know now which are the most critical aspects from the guest point of view and can focus on them


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