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Media Group

Media Group

Boosting campaign conversion



To save cost and enhance customer experience a media group with over 50 daily and weekly publications wanted to increase the share of customers who interact with the group digitally and receive bills electronically.​ Marketing initiatives to persuade customers to use digital channels instead of traditional did not succeed.

The media group turned to Be Customer Smart for advice and help.

Our Solution

Machine learning based touchpoint personalisation​

  • Be Customer Smart designed a cloud-based AI solution that chooses the optimal message for each customer in regards to each touch point

  • The solution also provided the criteria used for each recommendation. Based on this, we were able to share the most important values for each customer segment values


  1. The touchpoint conversion rate improved by 11% compared to the group’s own methods

  2. The insights of our solution are actively used by the group to redesign their value propositions

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