Selected Customer Projects:

More accurate segmentation to drive customer interaction in all touch points

For an international media company we created an advanced demographic segmentation and interest prediction to improve the conversion rates.

Cross-selling target identification and campaign execution

For a large international bank we boosted the sales of new investment products with over 70% through the use of predictive analytics to identify which customers would be most interested.

Improved customer insights and segmentation through new data sources

For a large supermarket chain we created a concept for collecting data on the customer movements inside the stores and used it for segmentation and personalised offers.

Enhanced NPS and operational efficiency

For an insurance company we improved NPS by classifying claims into human processed claims and automatically processed claims. Consequently, we supported the company in implementing a smooth process for both cases.

A needs-based customer segmentation and new customer engagement strategy

For an international retail group with a strong e-channel sales we identified various customer segments and designed the Customer Experience approach, a digital strategy, and a NPS program for these segments.

Customer experience and customer analytics process

For a European telco and cable operator we redefined their end-to-end customer experience and data analytics process. This included analysis and integration of different data sources, review of customer segmentation, and improvement of customer analytics.

Customer journey mapping, touch point driver analysis and reporting structure definition

For a large telco we redesigned their customer approach and journeys in the on-boarding phase.

Reduced churn by 11%

For a telco we used predictive analytics to choose the optimal customers and targeted them with individualised offers. Using offers that matched both their budgets and their interests we managed to maximise the retention and minimize the campaign costs.

Customer focused service concept

For an international private bank we analysed the customers’ service preferences and designed a customer driven service concept. The results were better internal service processes and transformation of the customer facing teams.

Retention and churn reduction

For a large daily newspaper we created a subscription renewal optimiser that targeted only customers whose subscription is at risk of lapsing with a personalised offer and managed to improve retention significantly.

Real time customer experience management and customer journey solution

For a large telecom operator we managed to reduce the number of customer complaints and lower churn by predicting sensibility to different issues and triggering proactive actions. This made possible to react immediately to problems customers are facing with relevant individualised responses to retain them.


Upsell campaigns to increase the share of the wallet

We managed to quadruple the revenue per contact compared to the client’s own methods. We first chose the right targets, which did not cannibalise the business and which had the right spending power. We then targeted these with suitable offers for each customer and picked the optimal communication method and message.

A complete customer experience strategy and NPS-program

For a large media house we defined, setup, and constructed the Customer Experience approach and all relevant components of a complete NPS-program. This resulted in a clear improvement of both NPS and the bottom line business result in just 12 months.

Customer journey definition and voice of the customer analytics

For an international airline performed advanced client insight analytics of Voice of the Customer and internal customer data. We then defined customer segments, redefined main customer journeys and identified critical touch points and clear improvement indications of satisfaction drivers.

A complete profitability and customer life-time value model

For an international financial powerhouse we constructed a customer life-time model at the level of individual customers. The model was subsequently used to improve both upselling and retention and the ensure a fair service level for each customer.

A data science approach and practice

For a global bank we defined a data science approach and built a very successful data science team and practice. The team became a benchmark in its industry and was responsible both for targeted customer campaigns and for strategic analysis projects. The practice resulted in a very substantial business results – measure by an official net present value.

Design and implementation of a complete NPS-analysis, NPS-reporting, and alerting framework

For a south European railway company we analysed the full customer life-cycle. This included analyses of the customer journeys, client insights, and voice of the customer data. We then setup a complete NPS-reporting structure, with real-time 1-to-1 alert mechanism. Results were an identification and improvement of key customer issues, increased management attention on customer topics, and a consistent improvement of customer satisfaction.

Selected Customers Served by Our Team:

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