Personalised  Targeted  Marketing Campaigns

Boost your revenue in key areas.

When you want to offer more to your customers, whether it is in the form of up-selling or cross-selling, analytics can be very useful. We can help you to choose the right messages to the right customers to be communicated at the right time through a right channel to optimise the conversion. When you engage with your customers in an optimally relevant way, they are more likely to accept and less likely to be irritated by irrelevant communications.

We can identify who would be interested in a product and what would be the offer to persuade them to buy. This way you don’t need to cannibalise your sales by discounting to those who would buy anyway and you don’t irritate those who are not interested in the product anyway by bombarding them with irrelevant messages. You will save money and your customers will have a better customer experience. We build optimal 1-to-1 marketing campaigns using self-optimizing artificial intelligence methods, and improve, not just the single one-shot campaigns, but also the full customer life-time value.

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