Maximise the customer profitability.


Customers are different when it comes to profitability. Some customer buy a lot of products or services from you with a nice margin and are very profitable. Others just take your special offers and, in addition, drain down your resources by constantly contacting your customer service. These customers are often loss-bringing. With our profitability analytics we can show the profitability of each customer. Also, we can understand and find the activities, products and services that are causing profit or loss in different customer segments. Going even further, with a customer-life time value analysis we can also show the future potential of different customers and establish how you should serve different customer segments in order to maximise your profitability. However, the customer life-time value is not just an operational tool for current profit maximisation. It is also useful for strategic planning. In fact, it can be used to identify different customer segments and profitability classes and design new better fitting service models for them. For example, it is possible to identify a segment of loss-bringing customers, who have no profit potential in your current service model, and design a new money saving service model for them.

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