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Retail Energy Provider

Reference Case: A Retail Energy Provider

Identifying optimal target customers for maximum life-time value


Credits: talking image - Runwayml; image - Dalle3; Image prompt - Seraphima Bogomolova; text by Seraphima Bogomolova 

Our Solution

Identification of key factors driving churn and recommendations to reduce it​

  • Analysis of key factors driving churn in various customer segments – it was found out that the company was signing up many customers for whom its service promise was not relevant and who would not renew their contracts​

  • Study of profitability of each segment ​

  • Proposal to focus the customer acquisition only on the selected customers which the company would be able to retain due to its brand and service promise and thus to attract higher customer life to value


  1. Based on the findings, the company has rewritten its strategy and refocused its sales to the customers segments which are a better match to the brand promise.​

  2. Although the customers sign-ups slowed down, the retention and profitability improved greatly.​

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