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Reference Case: A Leading Retail Group

Quantifying business impact of service improvements on revenue

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A leading Northern European daily goods retail chain has recently upgraded one of its supermarkets into a much larger hypermarket.​ At the same time, a new service concepts have been introduced as well as opening hours extended.​

The retail chain wanted to know how much each of these changes has impacted the revenue, so they copy the most successful ones to their other stores.​

Our Solution

AI-based analysis of changes in customer behaviour​

  • With our proprietary AI solution, we were able to calculate how each change impacted the revenue, customer numbers and loyalty. ​

  • The output also included details of how much each change impacted at segment level and how much of the change was from the competition and how much was internal cannibalization between locations.


The group was able to decide which changes to do in other outlets based on their quantified impact on the pilot market and based on the targeted segments in each location.

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