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Telecom Service Provider

Reference Case: Telecom Service Provider

Optimising on-line channel conversion rate and channel share

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An established telecom company wanted to lower its cost by serving more of its customers on-line​.

Even though the company collected vast amounts of data, their understanding of the customer preferences and journeys was not detailed enough to personalise the experiences and optimise the business on daily basis.

Our Solution

Setting up personalisation and metrics framework to run online sales more successfully ​

  • Identifying the levers that impact the sales most and setting up the relevant KPIs for each organisational unit

  • Setting up personalisation of the messages and offers shown to each customer at each touch point using the data collected in all parts of the company and machine learning algorithms


  1. The company is now using the framework designed by us to decide where to focus efforts and budget​

  2. The personalised offers have improved sales conversion rates by up to 12% 

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