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Financial Services Provider

A Financial Services Provider

Optimised customer satisfaction monitoring and management

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A growing B2B payment processor wanted to provide a level of customer experience that would not slow down its growth whilst not tying up too many resources.​

The company measured the experience extensively, but was not able to identify root causes nor links between improvements, NPS or business results. 

The company turned to Be Customer Smart to get help with figuring out how much customer experience impacts revenue and how to manage the customer experience and measure it.

Our Solution

Framework to measure key touchpoints to identify current satisfaction and key issues​

  • Review of the data available at each touchpoint and recommendations to fill in the gaps and how to get more value of the current data inside the organisation​

  • Key touchpoint KPIs to monitor to spot emerging customer issues early on​

  • Cross-functional structure to manage customer experience proactively as close to the customer as possible and proactively to remove root causes of the issues


  1. The number of customer escalations decreased dramatically and the organisation saved resources from constant firefighting resulting also in better employee satisfaction.​

  2. The NPS improved by 8 points already within the first year.​

  3. The product management knew better the issues and was able to fix them in product releases. 

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