Be Customer Smart is a leading  customer experience and advanced analytics consulting company. We help organisations to boost their business results by optimising their customer experience management and customer engagement to better match the expectations of their customers.


Be Customer Smart started with the recognition that businesses needed more than a collection of transaction KPIs or annual satisfaction surveys to meet today’s customer experience challenges – and that idea led us to marry business consulting with leading customer experience methodology and cutting-edge analytics knowledge. We had realised to make a difference the CX activities had to business driven supported with the best tools, but not a separate initiative or IT project. The result is a systematic approach which delivers tangible long-lasting improvements in customer satisfaction and in the business numbers.

Starting from your business goals and your current situation, we provide Customer Experience and analytical solutions and help you to become customer smart. With our help you can gain new customers more efficiently, retain the existing ones, sell more to them, and launch new products to the market. With our methodology you can better understand your customers and their individual needs. In addition, we help you to design unique customer journeys for each segment that closely matches the customers’ needs and maximises your returns. We offer you proven experience in delivering business results and strong expertise in cutting-edge Big Data analysis and machine learning. Importantly, we are independent from any software provider and can work with any systems you may already have in place.

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