Be Customer Smart is a leading AI Optimised Customer Experience Management solutions company. We help organisations to boost their business results by optimising their customer experience management and customer engagement to better match the expectations of their customers.


Be Customer Smart started with the recognition that businesses needed more facts for managing and prioritising their customer experience improvements efficiently. The existing methods such as surveys and Voice of Customer platforms, though useful for understanding customer issues, did not provide sufficient information for understanding what impact each touchpoint had on the overall customer satisfaction and on the future purchases. Companies were at loss on what is the concrete business case for improving the CX in general and in particular for individual improvements. We saw a need for a solution that would support evidence based and timely decision making, so that companies could focus on what matters the most to the customers.

We have built a team with extensive expertise both in the customer experience and in how to study customer behaviour combined with leading artificial and machine learning know-how. Our team is a combination of seasoned industry veterans who know the various sectors we serve inside-out and fresh graduates with a lot of new ideas how technology can be best used in understanding the customers.

We want to contribute our expertise also for the common good and that is why we actively do pro bona work for the humanitarian sector for organisations like the Red Cross and the AI Commons. We are also active contributors to the AI ethics conversation as we believe that as an industry we must get these principles that include the privacy right and right for all the stakeholders.


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