Our Team:

Ilkka Huotelin

Be Customer Smart was founded and is managed by Ilkka. he has over 20 years of experience in consulting and business development especially in different industries around the globe. He is a business leader and a creative problem solver, focused on how to tackle clients’ business problems in a way that gives them a clear competitive advantage. Innovating and thinking out of the box are his style, and merging new ideas from different industries together. For that the data and the organisation’s internal “silent knowledge” are key ingredients as they reveal patterns that lead to insights that lead in turn into customer-centric solutions.

Founder & Managing Partner, CX & Analytics

Mike Hakkens

Mike Hakkens is a Managing Consultant of Be Customer Smart, who can rely on over 20 years of global expertise as a leader of customer experience transformation programs in the financial services industry.

Managing Consultant, Customer Experience

Frederic Laporte

Fred is a true leader in the agile transformation and a digital technologies business executive, with almost 30 years of Design Thinking experience in the high-tech sector of the digital economy.

Managing Consultant, Digitalisation

Christophe Alexandre

Christophe Alexandre is an expert in building analytics and machine learning models that help to drive business decisions and improve customer interactions.

Consultant, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data

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To complement our expertise we have a selected pool of top-class companies that we can use in the projects to offer you full solution covering your business needs.