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Ilkka Huotelin - Founder and CEO

Ilkka Huotelin
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Ilkka Huotelin is the Founder and CEO of Be Customer Smart.


He has over 20 years of experience in consulting and business development related to different international industries around the globe. Ilkka is a business leader and creative problem solver focused on how to tackle clients' business challenges in a way that gives them a clear competitive advantage. In business, his distinct style can be described as innovating and thinking out of the box and merging new ideas derived from different industries together. The key ingredients for that are the data and the organisations' internal 'silent knowledge', as they reveal patterns leading to insights that in turn provide customer centric solutions.

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Seraphima Bogomolova - Deputy Director

Seraphima Bogomolova

Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova area of expertise encompasses creative writing and AI prompting - AI media generation.


Seraphima provides consultation and advice for Be Customer Smart on styling, wording, and linguistic structure of texts for the company's marketing related documents, and presentations. She is also responsible for the maintenance and styling of the company's website and the AI media.

She has an international cross-culture experience, paired with the Bachelor of Science degree in the English and American Literature and History. Seraphima is literary expert and creative visionary in the field of writing, innovating and developing creative literary and non-literary projects.

She possesses superb organisational skills, as well as high proficiency in verbal and written communications in two languages - English and Russian.

Seraphima has an in depth knowledge of story telling, literature genres throughout epochs, cross culture matters, linguistic related expressions, and the experience in creative start-ups.

For Be Customer Smart Seraphima creates text to images AI generated illustrations, talking images, and motion videos. 

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Yannick Bouyidou - Development & Sales Director

Yannick Bouyidou
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Yannick Bouyidou leads the sales and consulting side of the business. 

He is a business leader with international experience stemming from his luxury travel experience at the Ritz-Carlton with a particular focus on customer experience and quality improvement transformation. 

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