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Delivery Models

kpis insights.png


Study of KPI impacts, includes a workshop to identify root causes and solutions for the main issues.

Great for:

  • answering specific questions. For an instance, you wish to know how to increase NPS by 5 points, or which metrics need to be improved and by how much. 

One-off model can be a good way to start exploring our AI Solution, and to learn about its capabilities. 

Price: budgetary 25 000 EUR per study

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saas insights.png


SaaS insights and alerts integrated to current systems

Great for:

  • staying on top of things, so you can react to any issues instantly, saving the customers that are at risk of leaving

  • keeping track of how your customers experience the brand

  • seeing what is working well and what and where still is still in need of improvement

Price: from 50 000 EUR per journey per year (depending on integrations)

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