8 Nov 2018

Electricity and gas are some of the most commoditised products that are in the market.

What one gets from the socket is of the same specification and the same quality – 230 V and 50 Hz in Europe, for instance, - and the local equivalent for gas – regardless the provider...

5 Sep 2018

Companies and organisations want to manage the customer experience they provide, but only few can deliver their products and services completely on their own. The rest have to or have chosen to outsource parts to different subcontractors or partners. This helps to grow...

4 Oct 2017

With the beginning of a new year, the Be Customer Smart team wants to share with you our thoughts on the main developments last year in the field of Customer Experience and what we predict will the main new focus areas in 2017.

29 Jan 2017

Digitalisation is perhaps the strongest current business mega trend and every major consulting house is telling you how important it is to modernize your company’s whole infrastructure and to design new digital processes, solutions and even new digital business models....

17 Oct 2016

We often assume that what we sell is the exactly what our customers buy, but it is not often so as we will see. If there is a mismatch between us and the customer in the product expectations, surely there must be also a mismatch between the expected experience and what...

7 Oct 2016

Having an inferior product or service is not a goal for any company, but even the best organisation sometimes fails to deliver as planned. For these occasions, it is good to understand each customers’ preferences and sensitiveness, so that you know how critical the fai...

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