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To be able to continue to provide excellence in service traditional banks need to gain an extra competitive advantage. This, in part, can be achieved by answering one of the main questions that banks face - how is clients' satisfaction linked to numbers and financial profits?

Using the proprietary AI solution, Be Customer Smart can help banks identify the most critical areas that effect clients' satisfaction, highlight needed improvements and link it all to financial outcomes. The first example below shows the KPIs that cause the clients' dissatisfaction (on the left, marked in orange), and the ones that delight clients (on the right, in blue). NPS stands for Net Promoter Scour; KPI - Key Performance Indicator.

nps impact banking.png

The KPIs shown in orange have a negative impact on NPS. For example, KPI23 indicates Time to Decision factor that lowers overall satisfaction of bank's client by 0,29 points. The KPIs shown in blue have a positive impact on NPS. For example, KPI Q9 indicates Chat response Time factor that has a positive impact on overall satisfaction by 0,15 points. 

These and other findings are then used in a workshop session where together with a bank we look at most critical areas of negative impact and work out what needs to be prioritised in order to have a positive financial outcome.

In the example below, KPI 5_3 shows that clients who are dissatisfied (score 1) have high negative impact (-0,13 each) whereas the KPI 9 shows that even if a client is dissatisfied it has minor impact on overall satisfaction. between the two the KPI 5_3 should be prioritised.

KPIs graphs banks.png

As a result of the insights obtained through the application of our proprietary AI solution and the consulting support provided by us, after eight months, a bank could measure overall NPS improvement of +1,8 points which results in better service, happier clients and increased financial outputs.

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