AI Optimised CX Management Solution

Everyone agrees that satisfied customers are more loyal and profitable – but few know what really drives satisfaction and how much it impacts the company's profitability.


The traditional methods such as surveys or the voice of the customer give only partial answers and are slow and biased, since less and less people answer them.

Our AI Optimised CX Management Solution quickly tells you:

  1. Which touchpoints and KPIs drive the (dis-)satisfaction the most

  2. What their impact on the NPS and revenue is

  3. What ideal target values for each KPI would be

  4. Which customers are at risk of leaving because of the service level they have received


Our proprietary AI model does this by taking as inputs your pseudonymised data such as:

  • Operational data

  • Survey data

  • Customer purchase data

With the help of our AI Solution, companies can focus on anticipatory and proactive service delivery instead of reactive service recovery.