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AI Based Data Driven
Business Solutions

Be Customer Smart, a leading AI Optimised Customer Experience Management solutions company, helps businesses yield the best financial and business outcomes by linking 'numbers' of the customer journey to 'what to do' proactive actions that result in the company's improved financial and otherwise performances.

AI Optimised CX Management Solution
A young woman with AI elements against the  city skyline background

Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent

Be Customer Smart and Yada, a leading company in AI-based customer assistants for holiday rentals and hotels, present a new innovative automated way for hospitality companies to interact with and assist their customers  - a text-based Intelligent Virtual Customer Service Agent.

AI Optimised CX Management Solution

Our proprietary AI Solution predicts and alerts of potential problems, and customers at risk of churning, allowing to proactively solve pinpointed issues before they turn into a negative customer experience, costing businesses in financial losses. 

We combine the latest AI technologies and solid ethical principles with our pool of experts who offer services ranging from the initial data assessment all the way through strategizing potential solutions and implementing the change. 






  • Surveys

  • KPIs

  • CRM

  • Transactions

  • 3rd Party Data



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